Year: 1893
Location: Whitechapel

It’s been 5 years since the last gruesome victim was discovered. Everyone assumed Jack the Ripper was dead, in prison, or had fled.  Yet once again, a terror roams the night, leaving only the broken bodies of his victims discarded in the streets as evidence of his existence. Scotland Yard has secretly reopened the Ripper case file. Your team is close to finding his lair and you’ve narrowed it down to three suspects.  Can you figure out who the Ripper is before another woman is gone?

Set in the disreputable area of London known as Whitechapel, Ripper is a game of intrigue and deduction with lives hanging in the balance. Within Whitechapel’s twisting alleyways and dark corners, that living nightmare, Jack the Ripper, plied his knife and wreaked twisted imagination upon unsuspecting women.  

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