It’s the one-hundredth anniversary of Emily Faulkner’s tragic, untimely death, and a presence has awakened in Faulkner Manor. Can you make contact with her spirit before it’s too late?


Seance is an adventure of supernatural mystery for a group of up to 8 tourists. This game is suitable for players ages 12 and up, though the subject matter may be more appropriate for those 16 and older. Although the storyline involves interaction with the supernatural, Seance is spooky rather than frightening.


Escape Rate: –%

This is a new adventure and is not yet rated.


The tragic story of Emily Faulkner lives on in legend as the town of Greensboro readies for it’s annual fall festival.

In keeping with tradition, the Greensboro Historical Society opens up the Faulkner Manor to a select few lucky enough to win that year’s lottery.

A fun and creepy evening is in store, as patrons are encouraged to attempt communication with Emily as they peruse the exhibits and curated artifacts of her family home.

Tonight, on the one-hundredth anniversary of Emily’s untimely death, a presence awakens in the home, unbeknownst to jovial patrons who think they are in for an evening of playful superstition.


Adventure Stats


This is a new adventure and has not yet been rated.