Silo - Coming Soon

Thwart the plans of mass destruction by infiltrating a top secret nuclear launch facility and disarming the radioactive warhead.


Silo will be an adventure of Cold War espionage for up to 10 spies. This adventure is not yet rated.

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Concept Art for Silo by Ian Blackburn Webb

The Cold War is approaching the peak of hostilities between the United States and Russia with both sides threatening to start a war that could end the world as we know it. 

However, a sect within the USSR is not satisfied with the mere threat of war and feel that a nuclear strike against the West is the only suitable option. 

A nuclear missile hidden within a secret silo in Eastern Europe is preparing for a launch against New York City. The spy that had been sent in to investigate the scene has not been heard from, and backup is needed.

You are part of an elite CIA team who has been tasked with removing the nuclear device and destroying the site.


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This adventure is not yet rated.