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“My wife and I not only loved it but recommended to all our friends. The puzzles were challenging but satisfying and the creativity was on point. I’ve always been a gamer, and this experience was not only entertaining but immersive in a very enjoyable way.”

-Joshua, TripAdvisor


“This was crazy FUN! We did NOT escape within our one hour time allotment, however we had a blast working towards getting out. […] It was an extremely fun afternoon for our family and we cannot wait to try the new adventure when it’s ready. We would absolutely recommend The Escapery to everyone!”

-Stephenie, Yelp


“Simply put: If you are looking for something outside the box to do on a Saturday night, I highly recommend this! My wife and I bonded over puzzles and adventure in a stressful team environment and I couldn’t be more proud of her. They were extremely helpful when they needed to be to keep us excited about solving the mystery.
Thank you again for a wonderful experience.”

-Leo, Google


“We did this room tonight – it was so much fun! We have done nearly 15 rooms in Atlanta, and this ranked in top 3! The clues and locks are unique and thoughtful, and the decor is also well done! Very nice staff as well – excellent customer service.”

-Jackie, Facebook